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Why Digital  Oversight

Digital Oversight is a specialist cyber risk assurance and analytics consultancy. 

We translate a wide range of largely technical IT and security data into business language. This will allow you to fully understand your cyber threats and the material and operational risks they pose to your organisation.

Our approach is to demystify cyber using standard risk management processes which quantify and visualise your security compliance and your security posture against threat.


We deliver effective insight and decision support through data mapping, analysis and visualisation of your threats, controls and defences. This allows the tailored application of cyber defence and risk management strategies, as well as providing clarity in measuring the return on security investments.


  • We assist boards, senior leaders and operational teams with the active assurance of Cyber risk and resilience.  

  • We deliver the insight required for precise and pragmatic risk identification, quantification and remediation. As a result, this is financially and operationally efficient, and maintains the boundaries of risk appetite.

  • Our quick to implement Cyber Assurance & Risk Management (CARM) solutions transform complex Cyber threats into understandable business risk intelligence.  

  • The CARM solutions allow boards and senior leaders to effectively and efficiently discharge their responsibilities to manage business resilience to cyber events. 

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