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Virtual CISO (VCISO) & Consulting  Services

As cyber security, risk and resilience becomes a strategic risk for any company with digital operations or presence, a source of technical expertise and support for corporate governance is vital. This helps build a strong cyber security foundation and develops the necessary capabilities to manage an evolving threat landscape.

Digital Oversight delivers the technical expertise to support existing staff and the challenges they face. Support is also provided on the difficult task of enabling the translation of often complex technical issues and language into risks that can be measured and aligned to business value generating outcomes.


As out-sourced, independent, external advisors our Virtual CISO (VCISO) & consulting services can provide the leadership and guidance to review or build out a security risk management programme, establishing the metrics and measurement to ensure the organisation’s digital oversight delivers the required outcomes. 


At the Board and senior management level the service provides: 

  • Executive level advisor and internal leader on the risk management of Cyber and assurance of cyber resilient business operations. 

  • Setting or assisting with determining cyber risk appetite and the key performance and risk indicators for measurement. 

  • Leading the setting and maintaining of operational cyber risk parameters.

  • Strategic management and direction information security teams.

  • Leading response for security incident and crisis management.

At an operational level the service works with internal and external security teams to:

  • Benchmark processes against regulations and best practice.

  • Designing and interpret security tests and risk assessments.

  • Determine security threats and cyber defence weaknesses and their active management.

  • Develop and implement risk management strategies and prioritisation of benefit to cost.

  • Establish a viable cyber security architecture and related technical solutions.

  • Develop strategic improvements for people, processes and technology.

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