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Discover Why Digital Oversight

DO assists Boards and senior leaders with the active risk management of Cyber threat. Through a combination of services we can deliver the expertise and insight required for precise, pragmatic and economic cyber risk management. 


Through our Cyber Assurance and Risk Management Systems (CARM) you can quantitively measure cyber security controls, threat defences and your organisation’s security posture. 


Cyber Risk Management System (CRMS) – process and tooling to transform complex Cyber threats into understandable business risk intelligence. The CRMS allows Boards and Senior leaders to effectively and efficiently discharge their responsibilities to manage business resilience to cyber events. 



Cyber Assurance Management System (CAMS)– an online assessment capability consisting of pre-defined questionnaires that assess and provide dashboard reporting for security compliance and threat management. 



VCISO - provides the leadership and guidance to review or build out a security risk management programme, establishing the metrics and measurement to ensure the organisation’s digital oversight delivers the required outcomes. 

  • Executive level advisor and internal leader on the risk management of Cyber and assurance of cyber resilient business operations 

  • Setting or assisting with determining cyber risk appetite and the key performance and risk indicators for measurement. 

  • Leading the setting and maintaining of operational cyber risk parameters 

  • Strategic management and direction information security teams 

  • Leading response for security incident and crisis management 


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