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Security Operations Centre (SOC) / Scanning

If you are connected to the internet to conduct business, you face the prospect of cyber-attacks.
But knowing the challenge and being able to understand and manage the 'attack surface' you are offering to an attacker is quite different.
The question becomes 'How can the security weaknesses an attacker would exploit be identified and defended against?'
The Digital Oversight controls assurance (CAMS), and our cyber defence management services are designed to fill that gap. Measuring the presence and performance of security controls, and monitoring for evidence of attacks, allows early identification and response to potential business impacting events.


Controls Assurance


Collecting and collating data from your IT / Cloud environment will show you where weaknesses are that an attacker can exploit. We’ll organise your data and work alongside you to prioritise and implement remediation through services such as:


  • Security controls hygiene review​

  • Passive or intrusive scanning of external IP ranges to determine security weaknesses​

  • Scanning your email domain for security best practices​

  • Review of the security configuration of your cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) and O365 tenants and accounts​

  • Scanning of your IT assets for security vulnerabilities​ and patching requirements


Cyber Defence Management Services


We offer a range of services designed to improve threat detection and reduce the likelihood that your business will suffer a security breach.  We do this by:


  • Predicting the type and nature of attacks targeting your business

  • Protecting your business by assisting you in preventing those forms of attack

  • Detecting attacks as they occur and recommending responsive actions to take


Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) in a Box service protects you against security breaches by monitoring your company continuously, working to identify, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity threats. This includes 24/7 automated security detection and response, aligned to threat intelligence, vulnerability management and automated alerts of notable events.


We conduct the following on your behalf:


  • Asset discovery

  • Vulnerability assessment of infrastructure, cloud and applications

  • Network intrusion detection

  • Endpoint detection and response


We bring these together into a single analysis and detection tool – a Security Information and Event Management system, and produce cyber threat and compliance reporting bespoke to your company.

We recognise that not all businesses are the same - A core differentiation of our approach is our capability to connect disparate data in one place, visualise it, and allow structured reports or ad hoc searching to answer specific questions.


Through interactive dashboards we deliver data driven views of compliance, threat, and risk management. This allows understanding of the controls you have, their performance and capability, and which ones you need but don't have.

Visibility and insight into cyber threats that provides clarity, business context, and enables informed risk decisions. A capability that’s built without data leaving your company, to give you 'always on' security; detection of attacks and early warning alerts to enable quick response.

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