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Cyber Assurance Management System  (CAMS)

Our Cyber Assurance Management System (CAMS) provides the mechanism for quantitively measuring cyber security controls and performance against best practices and frameworks. CAMS is accessed and managed via an automated online portal and provides the capability to engage with formal questionnaires assessments and receive dashboard reports on compliance controls and threat management defence. 

These questionnaires can be those we have previously designed for assurance against a baseline standard of Cyber Security and Resilience, or questions worked out with you, and aligned to a particular framework or frameworks you require assessment against, and then mapped to threats, threat actors and defences to provide dashboard reporting of the state of health.


Navigating the CAMS Portal

📋 Assessment

We’ve already shared our onboarding form with you. Please fill out the form and include all relevant information. You will also find any additional assessments shared with you here.

📊 Assessment Report

View custom analytics reports for your business.

📂 Files

Use this tab to share files with the Digital Oversight AI team — you can upload any required documents here, and also view and sign any documents sent by us.

💬 Chat

Chat with the Digital Oversight AI team or ask questions.

By using the Cyber Assurance Management System (CAMS) portal, you agree to Digital Oversight AI's Terms and Conditions.

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