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About Digital  Oversight

Boards are being left in an exposed position regarding cyber risks as businesses transform and transition to digital platforms. 


  • Technology advances, consumer behaviours and market disruption all introduce fast paced change and associated security risks. 

  • There is increased scrutiny on how companies protect their own information as well as that entrusted to them by customers and partners. 

  • It is difficult to quantify a return on security investment – where to invest, where to insure, how to do both. 


Digital Oversight assists boards to establish continuous cyber risk management and gain confidence about the correct areas of investment through the data-evidenced reporting of security compliance and threat management. Our Cyber Assurance and Risk Management (CARM) solutions provide clarity on: 


  • The consistent measurement of the adequacy of cyber strategies, governance and controls also enables transparency of risk management in confidently seizing business opportunities. 

  • Alignment of investment in cyber risk with strategic business outcomes. 

  • Demonstrate return on security investment through visualisation of controls, threats and defences as metric and risk posture dashboards. 


Digital Oversight provides services that clarify and demystify cyber security, removing the wide range of technical jargon, focusing on the potential harm a Cyber event could have on a company and the likelihood those types of events could occur. 


This is achieved through the simplified collection, mapping and analysis of security and business information to show where gaps exist in defences to likely threats, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 


Our consultancy, data analytics and dynamic visualisation of the key performance and risk indicators (KPI/KRI) for cyber risk and resilience will enable you to make fully informed decisions on future security investment to achieve the best return. Furthermore, our service allows you to then track the effectiveness of your newly enhanced cyber security.  

Our Digital Oversight solutions deliver a risk and assurance index and executive oversight of security through measuring the management of:


  • Threat identification & suitable defences for critical services.

  • Internal and external facing security weaknesses introduced by business change. 

  • Ensuring operations and productivity are not constrained by overbearing security.

  • Customer data security.

  • Compliance to legal and regulatory security obligations.


The level of insight and oversight allows for collaborative conversations to set and manage business risk appetite in relation to cyber security risk and resilience, as well as robust explanation of decision making to regulators. 

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