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Board  Assurance for a Digital Age

Digital Oversight is a specialist cyber risk and data analytics management consultancy. We assist boards to assure the cyber health of an organisation, its compliance to regulations and resilience to cyber threats.


Do you fully understand your cyber threats and the risks they pose to your organisation?​


Digital Oversight will assist you in formulating and delivering an effective cyber assurance and risk management strategy.​


Our Cyber Assurance and Risk Management (CARM) solution delivers independent, data evidenced transparency and board assurance of operational and material cyber risk.

Controls dashboard
Cyber Risk Quantification

Your Path to Digital  Oversight

Our Cyber Assurance and Risk Management (CARM) solutions allows boards and executives to measure and manage cyber, commensurate with other material and operational risks. Our CARM solutions deliver the insight and decision support for the tailored application of cyber defence and risk management strategies and demonstrable return on security investments. ​

Cyber Assurance Management System

Cyber Assurance and Risk Management  (CARM)  Solutions

Cyber Risk Management System


Cyber Assurance Management System (CAMS)


Cyber Risk 

Management System (CRMS)


Cyber Risk

Quantification (CRQ)


Virtual CISO (VCISO) & Consulting 





We provide clarity of communication on risk, reputation and resilience; internally between the board, CISO and operational teams, and externally with regulators and auditors.​​


Digital Oversight  Approach

cyber risk management system


Identifying the pertinent cyber risks and agreeing cyber risk appetite and target state


Developing an objective risk appetite by examining the business, it assets and operation providing clarity and basis of a risk management strategy

Cyber Security is a strategic business risk, that requires translation and visualisation for the board to be effectively managed. Our approach is to work with the board, executive and operational teams, using threat led risk management principles outlined below, to quantify and visualise your material and operational cyber risks.


Analyse the control measures and gauge the current risk profile 


Reviewing the cyber security management capability in respect of current controls and threats to business priorities, cost and operational constraints, providing the delta to desired risk appetite


Measure identified threats and current defences against established frameworks


Establish the current state of controls against industry recognised frameworks, formalising and standardising mechanisms that allow for a consistent view of status and progress to target state


Recommend risk management strategies to maintain operations within the cyber risk appetite


Establish the metrics and guardrails through which the organisation will manage cyber security risk and maintain operations within the cyber risk appetite


Implement CARM allowing consistent and efficient governance of cyber security posture


Visualisation of risk appetite and associated guardrails, showing line of sight from strategy to individual controls, allowing consistent and efficient governance of cyber security posture

Our approach provides the business intelligence for informed decision making.


Why Digital  Oversight

Our team of experienced experts will assist you to demystify cyber risk and optimise decision making

We clarify the potential for business impacting events, where that risk is coming from and how it can be managed.


Our mapping, analysis and visualisation of threats, controls and defences delivers effective insight and choice of mitigation strategies for your cyber risks.

We provide independent expert assistance and tooling that delivers:


  • Understanding of cyber threats to your organisation.

  • Clarity on your operational and material cyber risks.

  • Active oversight and assurance of cyber health.

cyber risk

Meet The  Team

Executive Team

We have extensive and diverse experience across the Energy, Finance, Risk and Insurance sectors. Combined, this optimises delivery of orchestrated and automated frameworks of assurance that can be used to determine regulatory and internal policy compliance, as well as defensive security posture against threat.


Chris Keay

Managing Director


Nick Carratu

Commercial Director


Nick Readings

Finance Director

International Advisory Board Members


Dr John Lapsley

Advisory Board Member


Gary McIntyre

Advisory Board Member


Louis Coomans

Advisory Board Member


Richard Drinkwater

Advisory Board Member


Mark Keville

Advisory Board Member


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